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Welcome to CrafterSpace

Crafting Local Futures

Crafter Space is a Craft Cluster project.

The first Craft Centre is based in Devarayanadurga, executed by Mitan and Janastu, funded by Rotary Dist. 3190.

  • Integrates maker space activities into rural crafts communities.
  • Reintroduces craft skills to women and youth in rural areas along with end-to-end orders, production, distribution, marketing and supply chain management skills.
  • Engages in research and technology development to make sustainable connections between local people, locally available materials and tools, and required techniques and technology.
  • Augments area economies with craft capacities in addition to enhancing local cultural economic spaces.

Crafter Space at Durgadahalli, near Tumkur is located in the IruWay farm, at the foothill of Devarayanadurga hills by the reserved forest and heritage forts. Mitan and Janastu have been working together in exploring an integrated space for local groups to work with local materials in a makerspace environment that can nurture innovation in production of local products.

Why Us

What sets us apart



Areca, Banana Stem, Bullrush, Coconut and Palm etc. Naturally available materials are used in creative ways bringing out the uniqueness of location.



Products are 100% Handmade using local handmade tools and design enhancements made by youth using the makerspace.



The Crafter Space engages in research and technology development to make sustainable connections between local people and their needs.

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Our Professional Crafters


Master Crafter

Rajeshwari Nagarajan





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